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Smartphone manufacturers currently have a lot to do. 5G is in the starting blocks, there are first devices with foldable displays and then there is also the normal smartphone clientele to use. Whether that really bothers so much s.den diverse display recesses, is left undecided. But the manufacturers try to banish any disturbing element from the display. The biggest problem is the front camera.

We have already seen different approaches, for example with pop-out cameras, which simply drive out of the case if necessary. ZTE also has plans for full-screen smartphones – and takes a different approach. According to Notebook Italia, the Axon S will be equipped with a slider. This houses the cameras, two in front and three in the back. Rear even has a 5x optical zoom.

Pushed together, the smartphone looks great, you just can not see anything except display. While details are rare, two of the cameras with 48 and 19 megapixels to dissolve.

By contrast, the solution to the Axon V, a further model that comes along with no cut-out or cut-out in the display, seems a bit strange. Also is waived a slider. The front cameras are simply glued to the edge, as a kind of bay window. This, of course, deprives the smartphone of any symmetry and still magnifies the surface, just outside the natural frame.

The place should not have been released for nothing in the case itself, the Axon V is said to be a bigger battery. 6.8 inches to measure the display in the diagonal, in 21: 9 format. Also a 5G version should be planned by it.

While there are no fixed dates, the Axon V is to be published according Notebook Italia 2019, the Axon S there is no information to that effect. What do you think about the two solutions that enable full-surface displays?

via The Verge

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