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Mobile phone ban at school or afternoon social media lockup – Teenagers gettin to be bypassing these regulations by chatting via google docs. Teachers often do not even know that.

The banknotes have long since become obsolete when students want to communicate with each other during class. But how to chat with each other when the school has been enforced on mobile phones? The students seem to find a creative pathway that teachers nor parents expected – Google Docs, as The Atlantic reports .

Google Docs: Integrated chat feature as messenger replacement

In the cloud-based Google service, documents can not only be edited together, but also communicate with each other. For this purpose, the integrated chat function can be used, of whose existence teachers or parents often know nothing. It is also possible to simply write in the document. To do this, only the desired conversation partners must be invited to work together.

Afterwards, students can use different font colors to better understand each other. Even photos or videos can be shared. If you create a copy of the document you are actually working on for the lesson or use the comment function for chatting, you can hide it well from the teacher. Parents can also be easily outsmarted by using Google Docs. They often do not think twice about having their kids sitting in front of the word processor in the afternoon.

Overview of Dropbox alternatives

Dropbox alternatives: Box was founded in 2005. The provider is aimed primarily at business customers and offers functions for project management, document management and automation of workflows. In addition, other systems such as Google Apps, Netsuite or Salesforce can be integrated into Box. Cloud storage offers apps for Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and webOS. (Screenshot: box)

Similar to Google Docs can be used as appropriate services as the online version of Microsoft Word or Onenote. The US Schools are equipped with Chromebooks. In the United States, experts have long been relishing that Google Docs wants to use as a messenger replacement, as well as the Bark app , which promises parents more control over children’s online activity. The bark makers also explain one of the big drawbacks: The Docs documents are apparently used to make other kids and to make fun of them.

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